In the Words of the Buddha


Buddhism Essentials

From time to time, Gold Summit Monastery will publish articles, dharma related talks, and other occasional short essays as they become available and appropriate to the practice of mindfulness cultivation. You will find that each article or audio generally carries one or two key points designed to offer different view on approaching and resolving problems from the Buddhist perspective. We hope that the series of articles will provide our readers an inspiring, pleasant, and accessible way in to grasping of what is distinctive in the Buddha's teaching.

  • Ullambana - English
  • Ullambana - Viet
  • Against Taking Human Life (Abortion)
  • Regard the Sutra with Reverence
  • Tree Removal Announcement
  • Dharma Master Lai's Talk on Guan Yin Bodhisattva
  • Dharma Master Lai's Talk on Shr Fu
  • Reflection of Water 1
  • Reflection of Water 2